During the pandemic, all of our events have moved to a remote or virtual platform. We have found that Zoom is the easiest for teams and our staff to use for both robot runs as well as judging interviews. We are always in need of new or experienced referees and judges to help manage the rapidly growing demand for our events. While many regions have not made the transition, we shifted our programs last summer and have been perfecting our approach all fall and spring.


The commitment for judging is to attend a 30 minute training (live or recorded), read and rank up to 20 engineering notebooks, be part of the interviews on Fridays from 3-6pm and Saturday from 9am – 12 pm, and finally to deliberate from 12-1ish which teams deserve awards. Please compete this form to sign up for events:

Refereeing & Robot Inspection

Due to the additional challenges of remote events, we only have the need for a few experienced folks in these positions. Contact john.holbrook@fairmontstate.edu directly if you wish to volunteer in this capacity.